Sunday, 1 February 2015

Risk-taking #28daysofwriting

I love the thinking behind Tom Barrett's #28daysofwriting in smashing out thoughts and ideas to contribute to our blogs.  I hope that my ramblings are at least a bit logical and are delivered in a manner in which others can interpret and take away something from. (Hopefully)

I'm not playing by the rules so far. I procrastinated last night and unfortunately missed #day1 however am meeting another of my New Year's resolutions in taking a bit of a risk and joining in on something that scares me a little this, putting out blogs without shaping, editing, re-viewing (at least 20 times) which doesn't sit well with my perfectionist nature. 

However, if we want the kids to be taking risks then best I model this stuff.  I do quite like rules, but mainly bending them so I'm going to put out a couple of posts as I'm playing catchup today.  

Think outside of the box, your creativity is not found in your comfort zone.  (Leianah Afu : Age 13)


Why is it that we want our kids to take risks and yet so many of us find it so hard in education?  I have a bit of an idea about this.  If you talk to teachers, most will say they loved their school experience and felt successful.  Generally speaking, we were the kids who fitted the conservative school model and didn't question the system.  We won the badges, were selected to represent the school and received the certificates at assembly.  School was comfortable and going to teacher's college seemed like a natural fit for many of us.

People I admire and love working with are the rule breakers, the innovators and those who dare to do things differently.  The ones who seek change because it makes sense to do so and therefore ruffle the feathers of the outdated industrial model of education.  Whatever our background, ex school prefect or recipient of the 'lowest attendance' record, everyone of us can be brave and challenge our practice and the whole education model.  

On a small scale, I'm going to embrace my inner rebel and put out some unedited blogs (shows how much of a risk taker I am :P ) and on a more significant reflect on the innovation and learning taking place at H.P.P.S.

Day 1 of 2015 School Year - Maia demonstrating some drifting

First Day for some junior kids at H.P.P.S

Morning Tea

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